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Seals have been used since ancient times as a means of authentication. Ancient Mesopotamians used cylinder seals; Egyptians used signet rings. Greeks, Romans, and other cultures used seals on their clay tablets and documents.  The earliest evidence of a European wax seal has been dated to the 7th century, A.D.  By the year 1000, seals were common on government documents; by 1400 they were in widespread use throughout many levels of society.

With the use of folded paper letters, seals became an important means of closing letters and insuring that no one had tampered with them. In the 19th century, people cut the seals off of letters and collected them.  While wax seals began to fall out of use in the 1840s, when gummed envelopes were invented, they continue to be reminders of timeless elegance.

Antique seals remain extremely popular and hard to find. Prints Charming Soho has developed a method to faithfully reproduce actual 18th and early 19th century seals using wax that has been made the same way since the 1750s. The resulting seals look like they are 300 years old.  They are beautifully framed in a gold & silver blended color frame that has been distressed with an antique finish. There are five different product designs and four distinct color choices for you to choose from.

Choose Prints Charming Soho to bring authentic elegance to your home and office. We search the world for inspiration from the near and distant past to create our art. We hope that you are inspired.